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(computer science) a listing of the files stored in memory (usually on a hard disk)

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Xl_dgap_p = d_lim_p + [DELTA]X1 - [DELTA]saf = dsml + dX2 - [DELTA]saf (13)
Xl_dgap_n = d_lim_n + [DELTA]X1 - [DELTA]saf = dsml - dX2 - [DELTA]saf (14)
We have already extended the formal foundation of the DPF to support behavioural modelling in [31] and the DPF Workbench has been used to create a DSML for specifying health care workflows.
To fully unfold the potential of MDE, models are specified by Domain-Specific Modelling Languages (DSMLs) that are tailored to a specific domain of concern [13].
In this section spatial analysis of DSML over the Mediterranean basin results are presented.
The figure 1 illustrates the spatial pattern of DSML simulated by the ten ERA40-forced RCMs and the ECAv6 observational database for the whole Mediterranean basin.
Domain experts must be involved in order to improve different aspects of this DSML. This includes more complete metamodel, more concise semantics and more adequate visual or concrete syntax.
Several Domain Specific Modelling Languages (DSMLs) have been developed in the last decade.
DSML operates with an installed capacity of 13,000 tons/day.
Bow Street already has a web site up and running, and plans to donate it to the new effort.
Tenders are invited for Repair To Internal Elect Wiring And Other Misc Work In Dsml Dsnp Billets And Connected Area Under Ge Af Adm Area Kheri
Tenders are invited for Repair To Flooring Dado Sanitary Fitting Plumbing Works In Bathroom Wc And Kitchen At Np Dsnp Ml Dsml 9 Area Under Age Bri Of Ge Af Adm Area Kheria
20.50 Lacs Providing and fixing of three phase electric LT CT meter secure make with built in LT CT coll for CT meter 15 5 to 100 5 make approved by UHBVN with DSML feature with meter box complete in all respect and all other works contingent thereto at various sites.
Domain-Specific Modeling Languages (DSMLs), used within the MDE context, enable end-users who are domain experts to participate in software development tasks and to specify their own programs using domain concepts in the problem space.
The task of weaving aspect models in Domain-Specific Modeling Languages (DSMLs) is traditionally supported by manual model editing or using model transformation languages.