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a camera that encodes an image digitally and store it for later reproduction

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The AutoEvaluation software allows for completely autonomous, reproducible and reliable evaluation of the measurements, where the Identify, single-click software significantly reduces the expertise needed to identify DSC curves, says the company.
Once the CG receives and acknowledges your DSC transmission, the radio automatically switches to Channel 16 so that you can get emergency messages from the rescue personnel.
Dubbed Accu-Pick, DSC refers to the process as a forklift integrated accuracy system.
The bank also allocated an award of NMTCs in support of the project through its own CDE, USBCDE.The San Fernando Valley facility will be approximately the same size as DSC's location in Santa Ana, which receives over 500,000 guests annually and reaches an additional 220,000 students through outreach programs in local schools.
In the present paper, we made a relative comparison between optical performance results according to the dye type and the thickness of the Ti[O.sub.2] for the purpose of applying the DSC module to windows.
The DSC launched its first projects this past summer, which included a music tour of Detroit during the Allied Media Conference and an ever-expanding entry on the DetroitWiki website (
Emicool will commence this alliance by providing chilled water services to Canal Residence West, the contemporary promenade living apartments from DSC and further extend these services to several other developments within this master community as the handover of residential buildings picks up pace, according to the statement.
An alternative technique, which shares much in common with DSC, is differential thermal analysis (DTA).
In October 2008, the DSC G7 team developed a partnership with 1st Group, 4th Brigade of the 75th Training Division to conduct a "proof of principle" BCST exercise designed to train DSC subordinate command staffs in the Military Decision Making Process (MDMP).
introduced a new line of high performance differential scanning calorimeters (DSC) designed to improve accuracy, sensitivity and performance in thermal analysis, a technique commonly used in the development of new materials.
This month, I am discussing one of them, differential scanning calorimetry (DSC), in more detail.
Now the former Liverpool FC reserve will be sending his gear to the Middle East, where the pounds 4bn Dubai Sports City (DSC) is being established.
Ian Radley is relocating from Albany in New York State to head up operations for Durham Scientific Crystals (DSC) based in Netpark, near Sedgefield, County Durham.
* Motor control pulse width modulation with 2 independent clock sources for active power factor correction using a single DSC.
The Japanese domestic market for the digital still camera (DSC) will soon reach saturation.