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a radioactive transuranic element

the bureau in the State Department that is responsible for the security of diplomats and embassies overseas

an honorary degree in science

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The local loop to FT1 services generally will be at the DS-1 rate.
The small size, simplicity and low cost of the FLASHWAVE 4010 SONET extension platform enables carriers to easily extend optically delivered DS-1 or DS-3 services to more customers at a lower initial capital and operational cost than they ever could in the past and still receive all the benefits of SONET.
By integrating the best in optical, IP/datacom and telecom technologies, the Jedai solution will support services such as 10/100 Base-T, Gigabit Ethernet, DS-1, DS-3, VPN, VLAN, TLS, and other high-value services to business customers.
00 for the base unit, includes a cost-effective, fixed configuration with support for 10/100 Ethernet, n x DS-1 IMA and CES.
SAVVIS Communications Corporation, a leading independent national Internet carrier, today unveiled its Pro-Managed DS-1 Internet Solution, a turnkey solution that provides customers with the components required to get their networks up and running quickly and easily.
Alcatel MDR-6000 radios, ranging in capacity from two DS-1s to 16 DS-1s (each DS-1 equals 24 voice channel equivalents), transmit voice and data from the lower density cell sites to the network backbone.
By using the latest generation of DS-3 and DS-1 electronics, we've designed the product to conform to Bellcore(R) and loading carrier standards, while reducing size and cost, and greatly improving management and reliability.