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There is enormous amount of complex DNA structure data that needs to be stored efficiently.
This research contributes to the understanding of a novel feature of stem cells and their DNA structure, which is important for maintaining an induced pluripotent state.
Our work suggests that drugs that modify DNA structure may be beneficial for treating Alzheimer's Disease," they wrote.
Researchers genetically modified the DNA structure of the virus by adding four negatively charged amino-acid residues to one end of the helical proteins that coat the virus.
In science, the second half of the 20th century was marked by the discovery of the DNA structure in 1953, the development of protein sequencing, and the progress in establishing the atomic structures of proteins with x-ray crystallography, the last of which led to elaboration of the vast array of molecular structures.
Had that been the whole of it, there is little doubt that she would have been proclaimed as one of the discoverers of the DNA structure, with all the acclaim, money and influence that would accord.
Genetically modified organisms have been manipulated through genetic engineering by introducing changes into DNA structure.
Thermostressine induces cell ability to resist further stressful aggressions, whereas dGlyage protects DNA structure through innovatively targeting glycation.
It was found that topical application of lycopene suppressed the typical UVB-induced activity of an enzyme called ornithine decarboxylase, an important initiating and rate-controlling factor involved in stabilizing DNA structure in the nucleus of the skin cells as well as maintaining the DNA double strand-break repair pathway.
YESTERDAY marked 59 years from the date researchers first described DNA structure as a double-helix, and around nine years since the human genome project was all but completed.
Besides the utility of the technique, its use of labeled probes that are complementary to a target sequence serves as a useful reminder of DNA structure in the classroom.
NF1 causes a change in DNA structure, which only happens in about 1 out of 3,500 births.
A separate test determined that the lion had the same DNA structure as lions from South Dakota's Black Hills.
The theme is the cell as a unit of life, and the topics include water and macromolecules, DNA structure and the genetic code, transcription and the control of gene expression, protein structure, energy trading within the cell, and intercellular communication.
1953 Cancer causes better understood after DNA structure is unravelled