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biometric identification obtained by examining a person's unique sequence of DNA base pairs

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For this purpose, we have adapted our previously reported method of low-volume on-chip DNA fingerprint analysis (10) to isothermal WGA (iWGA).
To illustrate how the use of restriction enzymes results in the production of unique DNA fingerprint patterns for different individuals, the following demonstration was used (Figure 4; this figure was recreated as individual poster board pieces): two DNA molecules of equal length but with a different sequence of nucleotide bases were presented to students.
As in our previous study, we then evaluated the clinical, radiographic, and microbiologic data of any patient with a single positive culture for which the DNA fingerprint matched that of another isolate processed in the laboratory within 42 days.
A database of DNA fingerprints of bacteria that infect livestock and companion animals is being developed through a new contract between the Texas Veterinary Medical Diagnostic Laboratories (TVMDL) and Bacterial BarCodes, Inc.
tuberculosis culture with no AFB seen in any specimen; 3) culture-positive specimen from a different patient processed or handled on the same day has an identical DNA fingerprint, and no epidemiologic connections exist between patients; 4) laboratory control strain has an identical fingerprint; and 5) time to growth detection is [greater than]30 days.
The resulting DNA fingerprint patterns were viewed as virtual electropherograms.
Previously forensic scientists needed as many as 500 human cells to produce a DNA fingerprint.
By October 1998, test results on Mycobacterium tuberculosis isolates from the four men demonstrated a matching 11-band DNA fingerprint pattern [2], suggesting that these case-patients were epidemiologically linked.
Thus, the DNA fingerprint from an innocent suspect could match that of the real criminal.
If any property is stolen, police will be able to trace the owner by using UV light to read the invisible but unique DNA fingerprint.
He was caught after his unique DNA fingerprint was matched to DNA evidence from a rape in Cardiff.
Ian Findlay, of the Australian Genome Research Facility at the University of Queensland, said: "We took a skin cell from a 30-year-old document and gained a DNA fingerprint.