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Synonyms for exoneration

Synonyms for exoneration

a freeing or clearing from accusation or guilt

Synonyms for exoneration

the condition of being relieved from blame or obligation

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the act of vindicating or defending against criticism or censure etc.

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71) While this is a broader definition of wrongful conviction than actual innocence, as established for example through DNA exonerations, it nonetheless does not include all cases in which there is extensive evidence of innocence.
In Garrett's study of 250 DNA exonerations, sixteen, or 6%, pled guilty.
164) Even though hindsight may show that success on the [section] 1983 claim was the precursor to a later DNA exoneration, this possibility is not enough to preclude the claim under Heck as it currently stands.
The most significant consequence of the spate of DNA exonerations has been a much-needed reassessment of what we thought we knew about how justice is administered in America.
On the other hand, DNA exonerations have been the "hook" to attract press attention to wrongful convictions and the various frailties in the criminal justice system that unfortunately, and most often unwittingly, convict the innocent.
The offenses are generally less serious, and the sentences less severe, than those involved in the DNA exoneration cases.
In 297 DNA exonerations across the nation, the Innocence Project reported, mistaken identifications contributed to 75 percent of the wrongful convictions.
In one DNA exoneration of a death row defendant, the original prosecutor asserted that "[i]t doesn't really change my opinion that much that [the defendant is] guilty," and another prosecutor, when dismissing charges against an innocent man who had spent more than eleven years in prison, insisted that "[t]he action I have taken today is neither a vindication nor an acquittal of the defendant.
Tillman's Case: More Lessons from Another DNA Exoneration, 77 U.
Confessions That Corrupt: Evidence From the DNA Exoneration Case Files, 23 Psy.
118) Thus, besides the DNA exoneration cases that involve false confessions, it is impossible to know how many more false confessions may have led to wrongful convictions.
Among them were Jennifer Greenberg and Seth Miller of the Innocence Project of Florida, buoyed by yet another flesh-and-blood reminder of the merit of their nonprofit legal clinic's work: the ninth DNA exoneration in the state and the 210th nationwide.
DNA evidence most likely believed the veracity of the DNA exoneration.
By an accident of history (this version goes), when the Green Book's DNA exoneration catalogue was released, there was a body of psychological science on eyewitness performance ready to be taken down from its shelf and immediately employed.
In the wake of the widely reported DNA exoneration of Steven Avery in Wisconsin in 2003, that state enacted legislation to require electronic recording of custodial interrogations, to require implementation of law enforcement agency procedures for handling eyewitness identifications, and to require new procedures for retaining biological evidence.