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a doctor's degree in music

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The hierarchical grouping analysis was performed in order to group assets that had a certain degree of similarity so that there would be better discrimination of DMUs.
Foi calculada a eficiencia tecnica dos 27 estados brasileiros (Tabela 4) e posteriormente a eficiencia media de cada regiao, considerando-se os valores dos inputs e outputs divididos por total de habitantes considerando as DMUs como homogeneas.
Consider that we have observed n DMUs that use m inputs to produce s outputs.
A selecao das variaveis de input e output objetivou balizar a tomada de decisao de investimento, e com isso foram selecionados como insumos os patrimonios liquidos medios das DMUs (fundos), as taxas de administracao media e os riscos medios para cada fundo no periodo de 2012 a 2014, e como outputs as rentabilidades medias no mesmo periodo.
For the period analyzed was observed that state banks were the DMUs with bigger scale inefficiencies, as was noticed in BCC results, state banks presented the maximum efficiency score of 1 for several periods reaching higher scores than CCR.
Second, differently from the main literature and in order to achieve a higher degree of homogeneity of DMUs, departments and faculties have been divided, according to their characteristics, into the ST sector and the HSS sector.
It is recommended to estimate pure technical and scale efficiencies separately, to comprehend the sources of efficiency or inefficiency about various DMUs to identify peers for corresponding MFIs accordingly.
Scores equal to one indicate efficient DMUs while scores less than one signify inefficient units.
The concept of the decision making unit is similar to operating units or firms, so when the similar firms or similar entities, performs the similar tasks, we can make a comparison between different DMUs with the help of data envelopment analysis.
Although it has previously been used exclusively on electric rolling stock, regenerative braking represents a particularly attractive fuel-saving proposition for DMUs.