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a zone from which military forces or operations or installations are prohibited

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Other than one tiny South Korean village with some 200 rice farmers near the western end of the DMZ, no humans are allowed to reside within the area.
Son's team approves the manifests, giving the official green light for movements across the DMZ.
On Wednesday, Gates will be joined by Clinton for the DMZ visit and high-profile security talks with their South Korean colleagues - a meeting meant to underscore Washington's firm alliance with Seoul as the two nations plan military exercises in a message of deterrence to North Korea.
Yonhap said the government specifically wants to build an international peace park within the DMZ and lure the United Nations to build its peace conference center and a U.
For ecosystem experts, the DMZ offers a unique laboratory to study nature's self-reclamation.
According to the sources, North Korea will not agree to a full-scale withdrawal of its force from the DMZ which the U.
8 km stretch within the 4 km wide DMZ itself, but construction work on the North Korean side has been suspended.
A DMZ may give some small creatures peace and quiet--but as a general rule, land mines aren't recommended in parks for large animals, he says.
Because of its proximity to the DMZ, the UNCSB-JSA maintains a rigid pass and leave policy and offers few of the comforts that soldiers from many other units take for granted.
Bionik co-founders included in group of innovative entrepreneurs that presented during Royal visit to the DMZ at Ryerson University and roundtable discussion -
Paperwork is currently being processed and The United Nations Command at the DMZ has said it will facilitate the crossing.
Those who are granted a Start-Up Visa through Ryerson Futures and who also meet DMZ entry requirements can benefit from a supportive ecosystem with access to seed funding, co-working space and advanced acceleration support from Ryerson Futures.
Using Safe-T's patented technology, RSAccess eliminates the need to store sensitive data in the DMZ (demilitarized zone) and to maintain incoming firewall ports, which can expose the internal network to cyber-attacks.