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Synonyms for VI

the cardinal number that is the sum of five and one

more than 130 southeastern Virgin Islands

denoting a quantity consisting of six items or units

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Admin officer Syed Rizwan Haider of DMA has been transferred and posted as the graveyard officer and Sadullah Khan, store in-charge DMA, transferred to the streetlight division.
Mark Takano warned about the potential risk of consolidation of DMA functions at March Air Reserve Base that could lead to the loss of hundreds of jobs and strongly opposed these efforts.
Following the closure of the collieries, the DMA established the Friends of Durham Miners' Gala to fund the event.
The operation was conducted mainly on Margalla Road, Park Road, Club Road and other main avenues of the city while the DMA workers are also removing wall chalking and adds on barriers and check posts.
DMA is a very versatile technique and can be performed on liquids and melts as well as solids.
Sampling and measurements: The following parameters were measured: plant height and leaf area at the silking stage (SS) and total DMA in shoot at the JS, SS, and maturity stage (MS).
While the above SUPARCO-CDA joint venture remains a dream, the MCIs struggle to find a suitable fit for DMA director continues unabated.
The investigation committee in its report revealed that officials of DMA directorate issued letters of 249 fake kiosks but action could not be taken against Director Mansoor and clerk Rafaqat and demolishing work of these kiosk was started and nearly 200 kiosks were razed.
The new platform of the DMA 3200 is said to combine the strengths of the company's DMA technologies with the performance of the ElectroForce motor, acquired from Bose.
"The General Entertainment Authority (GEA) launched several events targeting families in the DMA across the holy month of Ramadan," said Jamil Ghaznawi, national director and country head, JLL, KSA.
On 19 June, Ryan announced that it had submitted a proposal to buy DMA.
Metravib, a manufacturer of analytical instruments for materials characterisation using dynamic mechanical analysis (DMA), has launched 'Xpander', a new system for accurate testing of rubbers and polymers.
IOMMU is a hardware unit that is indispensable for DMA. Besides address translation and remapping, it also provides I/O virtual address space isolation among devices and memory access control on DMA transactions.
Dubai Financial Market (DFM) today announced that "ADCB Securities" has been accredited to provide Direct Market Access (DMA) for global brokers lifting the number of DMA service providers to 14 brokerage firms.
BANNU -- District Management Authority (DMA) Tehsil Domail was praised for dumping sacrificial animals waste and cleanliness in Eid on Friday.