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Out of 10 known cases of T1DM incompliance was the cause of DKA in 6 (60%) and intercurrent illness in 4cases (40%).
9,10) The presence of DKA at initial presentation in the current cohort is comparatively higher than that reported from Sweden (12.
Demographic and clinical characteristics comparison: There were no significant differences in people with or without depression in terms of demographic factors, selfreported school absenteeism, previous hospitalizations, comorbidities and neither disease related factors like duration of diabetes, hbA1c nor hypoglycemic and DKA episodes status differed significantly between the two groups.
This shows that urosepsis is a common precipitating factor for DKA in type 2 DM than type 1 DM (p<0.
Following approval of the DKA protocol by the institution's Coordination of Care Committee, staff education and implementation were initiated.
If this proposition is true, conventional education and standard care approaches to the treatment of type 1 diabetes, especially in patients with a history of DKA, may need to change," she said.
Children presenting with DKA had symptoms for a mean of two weeks, up to a third had at least one medical consultation in the week before diagnosis, and misdiagnosis was associated with a threefold increase in DKA (Usher-Smith et al, 2011).
17 June 2014 - Nordic buyout firm EQT Holdings AB on Tuesday said its EQT Mid Market Fund had agreed to buy Danish insurance software systems provider TIA Technology A/S from private equity firm DKA Capital and the company's founders, without disclosing financial details.
I had DKA - diabetic ketoacidosis - where your blood sugar levels go too high and no matter how many injections you give yourself, you can't control it.