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Synonyms for tolerance

Synonyms for tolerance

the capacity of enduring hardship or inconvenience without complaint

Synonyms for tolerance

the power or capacity of an organism to tolerate unfavorable environmental conditions

Related Words

a disposition to allow freedom of choice and behavior

the act of tolerating something

willingness to recognize and respect the beliefs or practices of others

a permissible difference

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The presence of such programs will impact the DGT's institutional system, namely a transformational plan which aims to grant larger autonomy for DGT as an institution which is responsible for collecting state revenue.
DGT owns and leases an industrial building through its Italian subsidiary at present and it is continuing to evaluate strategic alternatives to utilize its existing working capital and maximise the use of its net operating losses.
DGT Book Promotions also offers publicity packages, book video trailer production and guaranteed blogger reviews as well.
Tyrimo metu buvo analizuojami didziausios galios tasko sekimo algoritmai ir tiriama dirbtiniu neuronu tinklo itaka DGT sekimui.
The DGT 300 web-tension controller has increased the production of the press, and reduced product waste.
Country: USASector: ElectronicsTarget: RFI CorporationBuyer: EMS Development, Ultra Electronics Holdings PlcVendor: DGT Holdings CorpDeal size in USD: 12.
DGT Book Promotions website states that it “understands the challenges indie authors face marketing online while also trying to write books.
The increased range of different products, from films to paper to be run on the same press is a direct result of web tension, improvement offered with our new DGT 300 controllers.
7 June 2012 - British electronic systems maker Ultra Electronics Holdings Plc (LON:ULE) said on Thursday it was buying US power conversion business RFI Corporation, owned by DGT Holdings Corp (OTCBB:DGTC), for a cash price of USD12.
The DGT is a form of windfall tax that will force landowners to pay up as soon as diversification projects get planning consent.
The DGT will be optimized for infrared observations, and Antarctica would be an excellent place for such observations because of the dryness of the air there.
Using advanced statistical analytics, DGT obtains solid and reliable information to investigate all aspects regarding security.
The Merobel [R] product line (sold exclusively thru Andantex in the United States, Canada and Mexico) offers a wide range of solutions including high technology components such as the DGT 300 digital controller.
The different Management Centers of the DGT throughout Spain monitor and manage traffic and update the information addressed to road users on the state of circulation 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.