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Synonyms for DES

a potent estrogen used in medicine and in feed for livestock and poultry

synthetic nonsteroid with the properties of estrogen

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There have been profound effects on their health and there continue to be,'' said Nora Cody, executive director of the Oakland-based advocacy group DES Action.
Recently, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta launched a Web site to educate the estimated 5 million children exposed to DES as well as the doctors who care for them.
Although a study in 1953 concluded that DES didn't reduce the miscarriage rate, and actually seemed to increase it slightly, physicians continued to give the hormone to pregnant women until 1971.
As researchers have followed up on the side effects of the drug, they also have found that women exposed as embryos, the so-called DES daughters, may have abnormally developed reproductive tracts, causing such problems as infertility and miscarriages.
This commitment is one of the primary reasons the SCO researchers have developed these innovative approaches to DES treatment.
In the present study, we used this model to examine the ability of BPA--in comparison with known strong estrogens DES and 17[beta]-estradiol dipropionate (EP)--to activate endogenous ERs present in mouse embryos (Lemmen et al.
If DES had an effect on a man's fertility, it would support the idea that weaker estrogens might be having similar, if weaker, effects on male reproduction" (SN: 1/22/94, p.
25 profiles of coatings and polymers for use in DES and the 20-plus companies behind them
This is the first evidence in human males that prenatal exposure to sex hormones -- specifically DES -- is involved in the development of both brain organization and sex-differentiated cognitive abilities," says principal investigator June M.
With the help of ACI's Security Optimization Service (SOS) consulting services, Metavante is ACI's first customer to add the new Transaction Security Services module to its BASE24 production environment to launch Triple DES processing services.
Triple DES isn't around the corner; it's here," says EFTA Executive Director Kurt Helwig.
In 1997, the key people involved in the decommissioning of these properties formed the DES team.