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federal agency responsible for enforcing laws and regulations governing narcotics and controlled substances

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Deas waited for two months following the storm to receive correspondence from the owner of the bike at the time.
When Deas arrived to pick up the bike, the seller told him all about how she had come into possession of the bike.
Deas clocked 52.45 for the second run, with Flock second, 0.02 behind, and Yarnold 0.27 adrift in fourth.
"I wanted to see how these wasps were performing in different-sized eggs of another beetle species," said Deas. "My idea was the wasps preferred to attack the largest eggs, because the largest eggs lead to larger offspring and larger offspring have a lot of advantages.
Wondering how the wasp larvae would do in the apparently larger eggs, Deas investigated and was surprised to find that the larvae were not doing well at all.