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a systematic method of diagnosing a disorder (e

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But in none of the previous articles, the loss of consciousness was evaluated for meningitis and encephalitis while these infections and lead toxicity are two important DDx in these patients and missing each of them is a big mistake that could result in morbidity and mortality.
For simplicity, second derivatives are not considered in this example, thus the second derivative (DDX) is denoted by * in all triplets (* can mean either +, - or 0).
Radiological or other imaging of the area of pain can be useful in the consideration of Ddx's, as can diagnostic ultrasound--the latter especially so in identifying possible perineural fibromas (AKA--Mortons neuroma) by virtue of finding hypoechoic areas consistent with a presentation of Mortons neuroma'--symptomatic neuroma are frequently between 9-12 or more mm in diameter.
Additional work-up appropriate to DDx would be CBC, serum Fe, TIBC, ferritin, comprehensive metabolic panel, Hgb1C, fasting insulin, and a baseline DEXA.
Other application sweet spots for the wireless technology include schools and office buildings without DDX controls, according to O'Callaghan.
Applying the same PGF protocol, 96% of cows were detected in estrus by radiotelemetry (HeatWatch[R], DDx Inc., Denver, CO, U.S.A.) and 82% were detected in estrus by visual observation [14].
Es un sistema electronico de radiofrecuencia para comunicacion de datos (RFDC) que detecta el comienzo del celo en ganaderias de leche y carne, fabricado por la compania DDx de Denver (Estados Unidos).
The VW Golf has been given the Yellow Hat touch, thanks to partner brands such as speakers and subwoofers from Rockford Fosgate, cabling and interfaces from Monster Cable, Neon Styling and Accent lights from StreetGlow, 18-inch alloy wheels from Advanti Racing Wheels with a set of Nitto high performance tyres, a roof mount monitor from XM, and a DDX 7032 Multimedia Receiver from Kenwood and much more.
Navy's next-generation DDX destroyer, which is not yet in production.
One need only look at Navy shipbuilding from the LCS (littoral combat ship) to the DDX (next generation destroyer) to catch a glimpse of an industry devoid of private sector influence.
In the near future, DoD hopes to recognize some of the potential benefits for other major acquisition programs in becoming early adopters of the TSCP output, including JSF, DDx (a U.S.
The team is now working with Navy Program Executive Office Ships, PEO Subs and PEO Carriers on galley designs for the new DDX destroyer.
She says the Senate Appropriations Committee has approved, for fiscal year 2007, $3.4 billion for DDX destroyer ships at Bath Iron Works and an additional $50 million for smaller military contracts sprinkled throughout the state.
An adaptive protection scheme named, X Adaptive Protection (XAP) is being developed for the DDX power system.