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an insecticide that is also toxic to animals and humans

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DDT Sky Tower is DataLand's first foray in the office space segment.
The DDT Sky Tower will rise at the corner of Epifanio de los Santos Avenue and Mother Ignacia Street where it is said to be the tallest structure in Quezon City at 60 storeys high.
1, Sam and I believed DDT had survived the early muzzleloader season and the youth gun season in September.
He urged the government to continue the DDT scheme for further three years.
Pereira and Tommasi (1985) detected DDT in sea water in the estuarine area and concluded that sea contamination originated from rivers from the estuary region [6].
'There are 414 students enrolled at DDT College of Medicine and the average cost expended per student since 2015 is P292 500 for a student at year 3,' he said.
'This DDT project is vital to both long-distance and commuter trains, so we will try to finish it in 2020 or faster than the previous plan in 2022.
However, debt funds pay DDT. The DDT in debt mutual funds was introduced to reduce the arbitrage between bank fixed deposit and debt funds.
Very small amounts of DDT effectively repel mosquitoes when applied to dwelling entries (such as windows and doors of thatched huts).
In the current study, a novel microbial consortium sampled from the River Yamuna (North India) and River Godavari (South India) was enriched until a Lindane and DDT tolerant population was established.
The few studies that have investigated determinants of DDT exposure in populations living in IRS areas have found that living in either a home or village sprayed for malaria control was associated with higher DDT body burden (Aneck-Hahn et al.
Besides that, the degradation of lindane and DDT confirms the feasible use of natural sunlight as the UV source for the photocatalysis process to take place.
Para evaluar la dinamica de acumulacion de biomasa (materia seca; MS) y la composicion mineral, se realizaron tres muestreos destructivos a los 45, 90 y 150 ddt. El material vegetal incluyo hojas, tallos, flores y frutos de tres plantas representativas por tratamiento.
One of the keys to successful eradication in the 1940s and '50s was DDT. Global bans of this pesticide in the 1970s--due to its supposed environmental ill-effects--coincide strikingly with the resurgence of mosquito populations and the diseases they spread.