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an insecticide that is also toxic to animals and humans

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Regarding the misuse of land around the DDT project, the minister said there are 1,100 M2 of land plots misused by 42 families in Manggarai which will be fixed completely in March 2018.
Very small amounts of DDT effectively repel mosquitoes when applied to dwelling entries (such as windows and doors of thatched huts).
The few studies that have investigated determinants of DDT exposure in populations living in IRS areas have found that living in either a home or village sprayed for malaria control was associated with higher DDT body burden (Aneck-Hahn et al.
World Health Organization (WHO) has listed 12 persistent organic compounds, two of which are a major concern in this study: lindane and DDT.
The scientists found that exposure to DDT before birth slowed the metabolism of female mice and lowered their tolerance of cold temperature.
8220;In releasing the Allinea DDT debugger with support for the Intel[R] Xeon Phi[TM] coprocessor today, users adapting their code will be able to fix software problems quickly - essential to any effective software project.
DDT, it became clear over the next decade, was harmful to more than aquatic creatures and mice.
Indeed, one of the world's leading environmental non-profits, the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF), initially formed in 1967 in reaction to the DDT problem.
DDT (1,1-bis(4-chlorophenyl)-2,2,2-trichloroethane), one of the 12 key persistent organic pollutants (EPA website), was utilized worldwide in the 1940s as an effective insecticide in agriculture and its use has been banned since the 1970s as concerns arise about its severe environmental consequences.
Global status of DDT and its alternatives for use in vector control to prevent disease
DDT was produced from 1963 to 1994 in a factory in Nowshera, Khyber Pukhtunkhwa, Pakistan.
Gujarat State being highly endemic to malaria, indoor residual spray (IRS) with DDT (dichloro-diethyl-trichloroethane, 1 g/[m.
15 July 2010 - The Austrian Agency for Health and Food Safety (AGES) has discovered traces of the banned pesticide dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane, also known as DDT, in a shipment of 'complementary' feed for cattle, pigs, sheep, goats, poultry and game from India.