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an antiviral drug used to combat HIV infection

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The report also notes the increasing importance of DDI in securing Domain Name System (DNS) infrastructure: Some DDI vendors have identified the opportunity to extend their offerings in the realm of DNS security to provide a more complete and compelling offering.
DDI Africa offers a full monitoring service across all editorial mediums.
DDI Pocket said it plans to install special devices at 2,000 NTT phone-switching stations in two years to enable its own networks to bypass NTT's.
DDI was started in 1969 and has grown to sales of more than $55 million in 1999.
After the three-way merger, the new DDI will swap shares with au and turn it into a wholly owned subsidiary by the end of March 2001, DDI President Yusai Okuyama told a news conference.
To take the test drive, users create a free account and then wait briefly while a virtual environment with an instance of Infoblox DDI is prepared in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud.
In particular, Carlyle highly evaluates the expertise and business experiences of the incumbent DDI Pocket management team,'' Adachi said.
The deal means that the Carlyle Group will own 60% of DDI Pocket with Kyocera owning 30% and KDDI holding on to 10%.
KDD and DDI later issued separate statements confirming that they and IDO are in talks, which mainly cover cooperation in next-generation mobile phone services.
DDI is sponsoring its first-ever Van-a-thon, which will take place on April 18 around the country, to accomplish these goals, according to Patti Coons, senior vice president of DDI.
titled Market Guide for DNS, DHCP and IP Address Management (DDI), says, We are beginning to see an early-stage trend whereby organizations that have deployed a commercial DDI solution are now looking to expand it.
At the 2012 Global Petroleum Show, held June 12 to 14, 2012 DDI Energy Inc.
Japan's second-largest telecom carrier, plans to sell personal handy-phone unit DDI Pocket Inc.
The Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE) said Tuesday it will lift a freeze on trading in the shares of DDI Corp.
The panel, which made its recommendation two weeks ago, advised FDA to allow sales of didanosine - also called DDI for its chemical name, dideoxyinosine-for adults and children with AIDS who cannot tolerate zidovudine (AZT), the only other approved AIDS drug.