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a leading instance in its field

a specialized bit of heart tissue that controls the heartbeat

an implanted electronic device that takes over the function of the natural cardiac pacemaker

a horse used to set the pace in racing

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A 60-year-old man with a DDD pacemaker that had been implanted 5 years ago due to sick sinus syndrome was admitted to our emergency department with syncope and complete atrioventricular block on ECG.
The incidence of early lead dislodgment has been reported to 1% in VVI pacemakers and 5.2% in the DDD pacemakers as reported by Catanzaro JN and his colleagues18.
A total of 116 AVB patients, who received DDD pacemakers implantation with the percentage of ventricular pacing (VP%) ≥40% from April 22, 2011 to December 24, 2012, were prospectively randomized to olmesartan group (20 mg per day; n = 57) or control group (n = 59).
Obstructed patients, who fail medical therapy, are usually offered invasive treatment: surgical septal myectomy, alcohol septal ablation, or DDD pacemaker. Preoperative TTE is a necessary guide for the surgeon in planning the operation.
In patients receiving a dual chamber DDD pacemaker, atrioventricular interval (AVI) is a critical parameter to increase hemodynamics since an appropriately timed atrial systole can improve left ventricular filling and stroke volume according to the Frank-Starling law.