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an electric current that flows in one direction steadily

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We performed DCs capacity in stimulating T cells proliferation.
Dex treatment enhanced phagocytic activity of DCs following aspergillus conidia infection, compared to the control group (phagocytosis rates: 91.0% [+ or -] 3.4% in Dex group; 67.1% [+ or -] 10.1% in the control group, t = 5.493, P = 0.001); whereas IFN-a did not enhance phagocytic activity of DCs following aspergillus conidia infection (phagocytosis rate in IFN-a group: 66.7% [+ or -] 5.9%, t = 0.084, P = 0.935).
Compared to control group (20.98 [+ or -] 1.08 pg/ml), IL-12 expression level of DCs was significantly increased in IFN-a (29.70 [+ or -] 2.68 pg/ml, t = 7.392, P < 0.001) and Dex groups (41.61 [+ or -] 2.88 pg/ml, t = 16.429, P < 0.001).
To detect vector transduction efficiency, the transfected DCs and 293 cells were observed under fluorescence microscope [Figure 3]b.
Morphology of DCs Observed under an Electron Microscope.
The expression of CD11b/c, CD80, CD83, CD86, and MHC II (eBioscience, USA) on DCs surface was identified using flow cytometry.
These cells were the responders and DCs cultured in different groups were stimulating cells.
The DCs were collected from each group on sixth day of coculture, and the mRNA was extracted by a one-step method using Trizol (Invitrogen, USA) reagent, followed by reverse transcription in a 10-[micro]L reaction system according to instructions of the PrimeScript Real-Time Reagent Kit (Takara Co., Ltd., Japan).
One alternative rehabilitation counselors may utilize in understanding the dynamic interaction of the person and the environment and the potential for developing distress, without the benefit of having an ecological assessment, is to view the interaction of individual and environment in terms of the Demand-Control-Support (DCS) model (Karasek & Theorell, 1990).
In applying the DCS model to the P x E fit model, several factors need to be explored, such as the interaction of a disability, understanding individual needs based on the DCS model, and environment considerations posed by the DCS model.
The DCS model, although not exempt from the interaction affects of a disability, does have benefits in understanding and explaining how a sound match can be arrived between individual needs and environmental requirements.