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(computer science) a program that controls a display for the user (usually on a computer monitor) and that allows the user to interact with the system

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The best way to incorporate DCIM is to use it on a daily basis," recommends Andrew Bright, director of sales for DCIM vendor Optimum Path.
DCIM solutions vary greatly in scope, price and systems architecture.
Mr Sanjay Motwani, Sales Director - India & SEA said, "For organizations running critical applications across multiple locations, Raritan's DCIM solutions provide operational mangers with all the information they need to efficiently manage their data centers remotely including secure access to every server, temperatures & humidity, energy usage, planning a specific server move etc.
Table 1 indicates a representative approach of DCIM.
After closing, Sunbird Software would operate as an independent business separate from Raritan and would remain focused on its pragmatic approach to delivering successful DCIM deployments for data center customers worldwide.
Operating DCIM and ITSM platforms independent of one
In the case of DCIM, we will be handholding the market for another three years.
With DCIM tools, the organizations can find the stranded capacity, use it with confidence, and delay spending millions to build their next data center.
We make much of this research freely available through our white papers in order to help others understand the industry technologies and their challenges such as DCIM.
However, due to common mistakes made when choosing and implementing DCIM, several managers are under-realizing the value these solutions can deliver, said Kevin Brown, vice president, Data Center Global Offer, Schneider Electric.
The DCIM suite allows users to auto-allocate assets, create what-if models for any number and size of data centre projects, automatically convert those models into actionable project plans with associated work orders and also predict the impact those projects have on the availability of power, space, cooling and connectivity.
Marv McGrew, CEO of Success Group International stated, "The nlyte DCIM solution solves the issues faced by today's organizations, such as optimizing under-utilized IT equipment, working faster and smarter with fewer resources, and balancing and optimizing critical data center capacity resources including power, cooling and space.
In addition, enhanced power tracking, capacity utilization and planning, management, control and operational optimization were cited as key objectives of its present and prospective DCIM strategies.
Nlyte Software has announced the take over of FieldView Solutions, also a DCIM software company, which has introduced innovative real-time monitoring and data analytics capabilities for data center managers.
Bart Tichelman, vice president of SynapSense and former SynapSense president and CEO, added that the transaction brought together highly complementary solutions to create a comprehensive DCIM portfolio.