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the head of the United States Intelligence Community and director of the Central Intelligence Agency

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DCI and its employees remain committed to the outstanding products and services that DCI provides to the IT and business communities.
The DCI (Digital Cinema Initiatives) standards consortium, which comprises seven major motion picture studios--Disney, Fox, MGM, Paramount, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Universal and Warner Bros.
DCI Telecommunications is a global provider of telecommunications services, including long distance, prepaid phone cards and Internet services.
According to John Fleming, president of IXC's international business, "The arrangement with DCI is significant for both companies.
This close relationship makes DCI uniquely responsible for our customers' success, helping to keep them up-to-date with technological and legislative advances.
DCI Telecommunications is a technology and communications company.
All of our customers, regardless of asset size, can realize cost and time savings from remote image capture and exchange as a result of our relationship with AudioTel," said John Jones, president and CEO of DCI.
Headquartered in Woodbridge, Virginia, DCI is an industry leader in worldwide internetworking products and services, with operations and subsidiaries in the U.
Our bank and our customers have benefited greatly from the work of DCI and its staff.
To bring specialized products and services to market quickly, Ameritech is teaming up with companies such as DCI.
John Jones, DCI President and CEO said, "We are particularly proud of this award as evidence that community bankers prefer our unique combination of performance, value and one-on-one relationships we create with them.
Lot 15 - Factor VII clotting recombinant 50 KIU - DCI - Eptacog Alfa Activatum.
The purpose of the year-long joint field trial announced today is to implement and test the DCI Digital Cinema System Specification.
With clients and projects ranging from New Jersey to California, and most places in between, DCI is as geographically diverse as its assignments.