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Establish local security to protect the persons operating the DCCP, the occupants, and friendly troops adjacent to it or passing by.
When the search is over, the driver and the searchers together move the vehicle or livestock cart to the vehicle hold area in accordance with the model DCCP layout (Figure 3).
If a female searcher is not at the DCCP but is close enough to get there in a reasonable time, defer these searches until she arrives; set the people aside until then so that they are not a potential danger to others.
This part of operating a deliberate DCCP may be deferred for a while, but a full waiver is not advisable, as a general practice.
Normally, you may detain anyone who is causing a problem at the DCCP.
Consistent with orders, take control of all items that may cause harm to your team, to any friendly forces passing the DCCP, or to the occupants of the DCCP-or items that noncombatants are not to have according to U.
to reunite families within the DCCP, to identify persons of influence, and to obtain information (from equipment, weapons, papers, and discussions) that may have intelligence value.
Step 4 (Services) Services at a DCCP may range from immediate care (attention to life-threatening conditions) to ancillary care (including food), depending on need and resources.
Fourth, give out food only to occupants who have been at the DCCP 24 hours or more.
Once a DCCP is operational, there are four possible outcomes for the operators:
Retain control of the DCCP, recognizing that moral obligations to the civilians there will increase with time.
Close down the DCCP by releasing the DCs from it, if warranted by the tactical situation and other factors.
Hand off DCCP operations to other operators (such as a support unit or the host nation)--this is the most likely outcome for infantry units on the move.
As your unit moves out of an area, you must be prepared to hand off any DCCP in operation to the follow-on forces.
The tactical situation and intelligence (or unprocessed information) as they concern real or potential threats to the DCCP.