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Recent studies found that the DCC gene is involved in the regulation of axonal development as a component of the Netrin-1 receptor (Fazeli et al., 1997).
A total of three mutations were identified and further it was confirmed from PROSITE results that mutations responsible for carcinoma were lie within the functional domains of DCC gene (Table 2).
To evaluate LOH and microsatellite alterations, we used primers flanking dinucleotide and multinucleotide microsatellites repeat polymorphism located at the following genes or chromosomal locations: 3p12, 3p14.2 (FHIT gene locus), 3p14.3-21, 3p21, 3p22-24.2, 9p21-22, 13q14 (RB gene) and 17p13.1 (p53 gene), and 18q (DCC gene) and 5p (APC-MCC gene).
London, Dec 15 (ANI): Scientists have identified a tumour-suppressing gene called DCC gene (Deleted Colorectal Cancer), which protects against the onset of cancer by causing the death of cells that become cancerous.