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(law) a name under which a corporation conducts business that is not the legal name of the corporation as shown in its articles of incorporation

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Most patients suffering from DBA have to receive blood transfusions every three to six weeks.
Being able to detect, diagnose, and tune those issues will be a critical skill for the modern cloud-centric DBA.
Mohammad Khan was elected the DBA general secretary for the third consecutive term by securing 43 votes.
Sialkot DBA President Ch Raza stressed the need for promoting good mutual working relationship between the bar and the bench for providing the early and easy justice to the poor, oppressed and needy people in the society, besides, curbing the menace of injustice.
of DBA Haripur has been elected unopposed for the second consecutive
The TA5M mic/line input found on the DBa digital wireless belt pack transmitter accepts all lavaliere and head-worn microphones wired for Lectrosonics servo-input transmitters.
- Explanation of penalties for a lack of DBA coverage
The 1991 blasts, considered the world's second worst eruptions in the 20th century, ended 40 years of DBA presence in Bacolor.
19 September 2014 - US employee benefits-only alliance Digital Benefit Advisors Inc (DBA) said it had acquired three California-based benefits companies - Clark Benefits Inc, Drew Miller Insurance Services Inc and Shargel & Co Insurance Services.
The average noise level of the operating substation is 80~100 dBA [1].
DELHI Badminton Association ( DBA) president Mohammad Azharuddin on Monday threatened to drag the national federation to court if it bars from its competitions players who have participated in DBA- affiliated tournaments.
Orlaivis sukelia triuksmi, kurio intensyvumas siekia net 140 dBA. Tai riba, kurii virsijus zmogus gali prarasti klausi (Franssen et al.
Bol dba TR Pacific NW Dental, $3,401.60 in unpaid Department of Revenue taxes.
Two free to attend (advance registration required) information sessions for prospective DBA programme candidates will be held on April 1 (Dubai) and April 2 (Abu Dhabi) led by DBA programme director, Professor Jikyeong Kang, who will also deliver a free public seminar on marketing, on April 4 at Dubai Knowledge Village.
dba Professional Credit Service, occupants of 29379 Lingo Lane, Junction City: Plaintiff alleges breach of contract.