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computer hardware that holds and spins a magnetic or optical disk and reads and writes information on it

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"Our products naturally complement each other for the ultimate benefit of the customer by cost-effectively providing more features, capabilities, and choices than traditional mainframe DASD solutions."
Run-time anomalies (i.e., Examine change control records for gibberish for mail bag routing evidence of user reports initiating codes, excess copies printed, bug fixes; interview users about proliferating messages from system stability fulfillment program indicating bad DASD tract) not reported or ignored if reported 6.
The final configuration meant that the engineers were installing 10 central cabinets with a total of 2,034 ports and four zone cabinets split between a printer zone with 18 ports, a front end processor zone with 36 ports, a tape zone with 216 ports, and a DASD zone with 216 ports.
Information on all documents for one individual now is viewed on one screen, regardless of whether the image resides on micro film, DASD or optical files.
The system configurations vary according to specific functional needs, ranging in size from eight to 40 Mbytes of main storage and equipped with between eight and 12 Gbytes of DASD capacity.
Disk drives, or direct access storage devices (DASD) are devices that write, store and retrieve data.
The Storage Machine allows for the optional storage of index data for user files on optical platters, greatly reducing potential host Direct Access Storage Disk (DASD) requirements.
Composite indexes are used for processors (which for the revised indexes represent mainframe systems), direct access storage devices (DASD), printers, and displays.
The Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Transportation Policy (DASD [TP]) serves as principal advisor for establishing policies and providing guidance to DOD Components for effective and efficient use of government and commercial transportation resources.
In 2009, one particularly recalcitrant two-star complained to the DASD for Plans on a video teleconference, with staff members present on both sides, that he (the two-star) did not see any benefit to the prebriefing--in essence challenging the civilian DASD to justify the Secretary's planning process to the combatant command staff's satisfaction.
* Storage Management - addresses the full range of operational tasks associated with DASD and tape devices -- including backup/restore, data set allocation and management of physical and virtual resources.
The new 2GB virtual volume size also allows BrightStor CA-Vtape to support up to 13TB of DASD cache buffer, up from a previous maximum of 5TB.
By supplementing the primary storage with relatively inexpensive open systems disks, the need for costly primary mainframe DASD storage [e.g.
At our data center located in Amherts, NY, a suburb of Buffalo, we run two mainframes, an Amdahl 5890-190 and an IBM 3090-150, with 143 gigabytes of DASD (3380s) and utilizing 3480 tape drives.