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an antibiotic that is especially active against the tubercle bacillus

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D-cycloserine in neuropsychiatric diseases: A systematic review.
Of 50 MDR-TB isolates, 18 (18/50, 36%) showed resistance to ethionamide, 13 (13/50, 26%) to d-cycloserine, 11 (11/50, 22%) to ciprofloxacin, 7 (7/50, 14%) to kanamycin, 6 (6/50, 12%) to p-aminosalicylic acid, and 5 (5/50, 10%) to Amikacin.
An antibiotic used as a second-line treatment for tuberculosis, D-cycloserine is a partial glycine agonist that binds with glutamate at the NMDA receptor to promote calcium conductance and normalize NMDA neurotransmission.
Recently, D-cycloserine has been found to facilitate extinction and promote the effects of exposure-based psychotherapy, making it another potential candidate for the treatment of anxiety disorders.
EVMS' laboratory studies with the Balb/c mouse led its investigators to hypothesize that D-Cycloserine could ease the impaired sociability of persons with autism, such as avoiding eye contact and personal interaction.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Findings of a new study suggested that D-cycloserine, a memory boosting medication previously used in the lab to treat fear and anxiety disorders, could help an addict resist drugs even when confronted with drug-related cues outside of rehab.
The most promising of these has been d-cycloserine (DCS), a partial agonist of the n-methyl-d- aspartate (NMDA) receptor.
The drug, an antibiotic called D-Cycloserine, reduces chronic-pain-like symptoms in rats.
Researchers are using the antibiotic d-cycloserine (DCS), which is thought to boost the effectiveness of cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT).
Atlanta, GA) signed a licensing agreement with Therapade Technologies LLC, a drug development company founded by researchers at the Emory University School of Medicine (Atlanta, GA) and the College of William and Mary (Wlliamsburg, VA), for worldwide rights to develop and commercialize D-cycloserine and related compounds for the treatment of numerous anxiety-related disorders, including post-traumatic stress disorder, panic disorder, social phobia, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), as well as other afflictions exacerbated by anxiety.
Once field testing is complete, participants in the Iraq war veteran study will take D-cycloserine (Seromycin), alprazolam (Xanax), or a placebo before each virtual reality exposure "to see how they do," Dr.
Further, the use of NMDAR glycine site agonists such as glycine, D-serine, or D-cycloserine in clinical trials has demonstrated some efficacy in ameliorating the negative symptoms and cognitive disabilities in schizophrenics (Coyle and Tsai 2004a, 2004b).
The drug, D-cycloserine, does not work on its own but in combination with conventional 'exposure therapy', the standard form of treatment for phobias which involves exposing people to whatever it is they are afraid of.