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a native or inhabitant of the former republic of Czechoslovakia

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She added that the formidable valor shown by the Czechoslovak nationals who volunteered to fight with the Filipino and American forces is an "emulation worthy of commemoration."
Perhaps the biggest fear in 1968 was that the Czechoslovak example would fire up similar ambitions elsewhere in Eastern Europe.
Even before 33 Oscar nominations and 13 wins for his films, as well as multiple Golden Globe, Cannes, Berlinale, BAFTA, Cesar, Donatello, and Czech Lion awards, Forman was synonymous with the famed Czechoslovak New Wave, and the year of his film debut, 1963, was also considered the beginning of this informal movement.
As a senior official in the Czechoslovakian Physical Education Association (1946-1992); President of the Slovak Central Committee of the Czechoslovakian Physical Education Association (1969-1983); and Vice-President of the Czechoslovakian Olympic Committee (1969-1992), he served as Chef de Mission for the Czechoslovak team at the Olympic Winter Games Sapporo 1972, where Ondrej Nepela became the first athlete ever to win a gold medal for his country.
Although the Czechoslovak Army was formally disbanded as part of this process, a significant number of personnel still wanted to fight the Germans.
There is no area in which it does not intervene in a decisive way." (4) The Czechoslovak secret police he had helped organize, in contrast, was a network of around 200 agents who were not allowed to carry weapons or arrest suspects.
These included MoU signed between STI Pakistan and Pakistan Aeronautical Complex (PAC) Kamra for development of simulation of "Super Mushak", between Pakistan Ordinance Factory (POF) and M/s Czechoslovak Group, between POF and M/s Polska Grupa Zbrojeniowa S.A (PGZ) Co.
The Communist Party controlled the film industry via the Czechoslovak Film Monopoly (Ceskoslovensky statni film), which in turn handled distribution via the Central Distribution Company (Ustredni pujcovna filmu [hereafter UPF]) and production via Barrandov Film Studios in Prague and Koliba Studios in Bratislava (see Danielis "ieska filmova distribuce po roce 1989").
While Jews' civic equality was formally guaranteed by the Czechoslovak constitution, actual, social and civic equality depended on a broader, public identification of Jews as legitimately belonging in Czechoslovakia.
Could support for the Czechoslovak legion have been a factor?
"It is a strange thing," muses James Krapfl, that "most studies of the Czechoslovak revolution of 1989 ignore or marginalize its most important actor: Czechoslovak citizens." If the 1989 revolution was indeed a "democratic" revolution, along the lines of the French Revolution, "then it follows that the demos--the people--should be at the centre of our attention" (p.
In this respect, this paper does not deal with (Czechoslovak) perestroika per se.
On the occasion of 28 October, Independent Czechoslovak State Day, the Embassy of the Czech Republic hosted a reception at the Cifte Amam National Gallery in Skopje.