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Following a successful integration process, NetEnt said its popular games are now available on the regulated market in Czechia.
In Europe, the corridor of motor vehicle production encompasses the assembly plants of the United Kingdom, northeastern France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, southern Poland, Czechia, Slovakia, and Hungary.
In July 1914, Vienna's open declaration for the mobilization of eight corps against Serbia, when coupled with the probable covert mobilization of the three corps in Austrian Galicia and the open mobilization of two additional corps in Czechia, posed an unambiguous threat of strategic preemption for Russia.
The 9th International Conference Environmental Engineering was attended by the speakers from 20 countries: Poland, Latvia, Estonia, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, USA, Canada, Ukraine, Belarus, Great Britain, Russia, Malaysia, Slovakia, Czechia, Slovenia, Hungary, Italy, Finland, etc.
Luzia's mother had divorced her father many years ago and had remarried; she lived in Halle, Germany, and later survived the concentration camp of Theresienstadt in Czechia.
Europe (Spain, France, Italy, Croatia, Bosnia Herzegovina, Serbia, Macedonia, Albania, Greece, Bulgaria, European Turkey, Romania, Hungary, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Czechia, Slovakia, Poland, Slovenia, Belorussia, Ukraine, Moldavia, European Russia, European Kazakhstan), East and West Siberia, Kazakhstan, China, Caucasus (Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia), Turkey, Syria, Iran.
He would somewhat understand the inhabitants of Czechia, Slovakia, and the Balkan Pennisula.
An important result of the EU summit yesterday was the agreement of all the states of the union, but Czechia and the UK, to sign an agreement on changing constitution in the sphere of the budget and debt policy.
1) Center for Theoretical Study, Academy of Sciences and Charles University in Prague, Czechia
2008, Deterministicky model nachylnosti uzemi ke vzniku svahovych deformaci ve Vsetinskych vrsich (Use of the deterministic approach for the landslide susceptibility mapping, Vsetinske vrchy Highland, Czechia.
Te number of transport companies that agreed to participate in research Ireland 7 Austria 5 Belgium 8 Bulgaria 2 Czechia 9 Denmark 7 United Kingdom 14 Estonia 8 Greece 2 Spain 7 Italy 8 Latvia 7 Poland 9 Lithuania 9 Netherlands 2 Portugal 8 France 9 Romania 2 Slovakia 6 Slovenia 5 Finland 2 Sweden 5 Hungary 9 Germany 7 Note: Table made from bar graph.
Jokl is a full-time professor in the Department of Microenvironmental and Building Services Engineering, Czech Technical University, Prague, Czechia.
Zdenek Needly, who was reporting from Prague, claimed that after the war Pushkin's poetry had made his people "excited and passionate" because "what Pushkin had only foreseen, and what he had struggled for, finally became a reality" in Czechia.
This special issue of Informatica--an International Journal of Computing and Informatics contains 7 papers submitted by the researchers from Bulgaria, Czechia, France, Russia, Serbia, Singapore, and Slovenia.
Besides, the registrations of religious communities are rather liberal in comparison to other post-communistic countries; in Czechia the community could be registered if it united 25 members.
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