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Since the Czech Republic has a developed automobile industry, Sri Lanka can explore market opportunities in the Czech Republic for the rubber finished products like tyres and other automobile parts.
Diplomatic relations between the Czech Republic and Azerbaijan were established in 1993.
He also hoped that Pakistan and Czech Republic would pave a way for promoting and strengthening closer defence cooperation.
The Speaker highlighted that the current government is committed to intensify cooperation with the Czech Republic in the areas of defence, energy, education, culture, infrastructure and industries.
The Ambassador said that Czech Republic has very old roots in this part of the world as its shoemaker company Bata was established in the subcontinent in 1932.
The Czech Republic is a member of the European Union.
It provides data on tourism demand factors and tourism market indicators for the travel and tourism industry in the Czech Republic
Profile of the top airlines operating in the Czech Republic
The Ceylon Chamber of Commerce, in association with the Honorary Consul for the Czech Republic Jayantha Fernando have organised a business meeting for the delegation on April 18.
Apart from the crystals and jewelleries then they can take delight on the beautiful displays of garments, handicrafts, accessories and ceramics sold in the Czech Republic Pavilion.
In the Czech Republic, (59) percent of the respondents either totally agreed or tended to agree that "the state intervenes too much in our lives"; 65 percent in Hungary, 59 percent in Poland, and 73 percent in Slovakia concurred.
It had been 16 years since the Czechs had been to a World Cup, long enough for the Czech Republic to separate from Slovakia, long enough for its citizens to elect a poet as president and long enough to watch virtually every other European country on sport's world stage.
There is a strong media focus in the Czech Republic on state administration activities; to counter the image of the administration as a bureaucracy wasting the public money, we had to justify each and every step.
founded in 1991, is actively working in the Czech Republic and Slovakia and is one of the leading firms in the region.
The audience size for these seminars has varied from about twelve in Latvia to more than seventy in Czech Republic and Macedonia.
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