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the aqueous part of the cytoplasm within which various particles and organelles are suspended

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in sub-sarcolemma mitochondria) can help cytosolic calcium regulation and its buffering and enhance the preservation and proliferation of nAChRs at the NMJ.
1991) A novel arachidonic acid-selective cytosolic [PLA.
Here, we show that FA readily forms adducts with histones in cells and dramatically decreases lysine acetylation of the cytosolic histones H3 and H4.
Previous reports have described 9 classes of carp GST genes from three GST subfamilies: MAPEGs (mGST1, mGST2 and mGST3), Kappa from the mitochondrial GSTs, and the cytosolic GSTs (Mu, Alpha, Theta, Pi and the Rho which is special in fish and shares no molecular homologue in mammals) (Konishi et al.
As the cytosolic Ca increase is a hallmark of osmotic stress, MS channels are thought to play role in osmosensing and subsequent responses (Figure 1).
sup][14] The protein concentrations in the cytosolic, nuclear, and mitochondrial fractions were determined using a bicinchoninic acid assay.
In our phylogeny, the genes HeCAl and HeCA2 were shown to be part of the cytosolic and secreted [alpha]-CA clades, respectively.
It has been reported that PLC clearly play a role in the early signal transduction events associated with water potential and osmoregulation in plants by increasing the level of IP3 and rise in cytosolic calcium as observed in Arabidopsis (Alexandre et al.
The aim of present study was to check the effect of lithium citrate on tripeptide master antioxidant glutathione of cytosolic fraction of human blood.
In these situations the cells block their mitochondrial and cytosolic ATP production to be focused on the main task in the nucleus," says Miguel Beato, group leader at the CRG and principal investigator of this paper.
Consequently both the increased lactate production by EMP and the lack of NADPH lead to cytosolic acidification and increase of oxidative stress [20].
In the article titled "Plasma Albumin Induces Cytosolic Calcium Oscilations and DNA Synthesis in Human Cultured Astrocytes", [1] Dr.
High molecular weight acid phosphatase class (Mr greater than 100 kDa) is lysosomal and low molecular weight acid phosphatase (Mr less than 20 kDa) enzymes are cytosolic in nature[4].