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Synonyms for streaming

the circulation of cytoplasm within a cell


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(computer science) using or relating to a form of continuous tape transport

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The life cycle of Physarum consists of two phases with different modes of motility: uninucleate amoeba showing slow amoeboid movement; and multinucleated plasmodium showing rapid cytoplasmic streaming.
Cytoplasmic streaming, which is usually observed in plant cells, is thought to be mediated by the actomyosin system.
2010) Calcium wave for cytoplasmic streaming of Physarum polycephalum.
These factors (generally suggested to be vesicles containing material for tip growth) have their origins in the colony and are fed to the tip via cytoplasmic streaming.
Some method of measuring the velocity of these particles is usually used as a representation of the rate of cytoplasmic streaming (Seagull & Heath, 1980b; Emons, 1987; Clarkson et al.
The role of actin-microfilaments in cytoplasmic streaming has been well documented in a number of plant systems (Seagull, 1989), including root hairs (Seagull & Heath 1980b; Emons, 1987).
Cytoplasmic streaming in the Characean cell ceases suddenly by external stimulus concomitant with [Ca.
Phosphorylation of Chara myosin is implicated in sudden cessation of cytoplasmic streaming.
This remarkable preparation provides the first evidence of fusion during aggregation of dissociated hexactinellid sponge tissues and reveals an entirely novel form of cytoplasmic streaming.
The mechanism of cytoplasmic streaming in characean algal cells: sliding of endoplasmic reticulum along actin filaments.
To monitor cytoplasmic streaming, we oriented the eggs with their animal pole-vegetal pole axis parallel to the surface of the slide, placed the slide on the stage of a compound microscope (Nikon Optiphot), and used time-lapse video microscopy via a 40X phase-contrast objective and a Dage/MTI Newvicon camera to record ooplasmic movements.
0 nl, [Mathematical Expression Omitted], N = 7 eggs; [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 1A OMITTED]), displayed cytoplasmic streaming (speed of parcels toward the animal pole = 9.