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However, the proteins of the short isoform mainly localized in the cytoplasmic region during the whole cell cycles.
1985), the sequences were evaluated through NCBI and consulted the spreading of exons, the aa 1-24 was signal peptide area, the aa 25-114 was a1 area, the aa 115-220 was a2 area, the aa 221-306 was a3 area, the aa 307-364 was transmembrane and cytoplasmic region.
Weak D expression primarily results from single-point mutation in the RHD gene that encodes amino-acid change in the intracellular or cytoplasmic region of Rh D protein with the decreased number of D antigen sites.
By the homophilic interactions of DD and the N-terminal domain of procaspase-8 via an interacting site named DED (death effector domain), FADD binds to the cytoplasmic region of Fas.
Hermo & Melo (1987) observed in the principal cells of the vas deferens in the rat, a apical cytoplasmic region of the principal epithelial, which contains an abundance of vesicular elements of which only a few are involved in endocytosis of cationic ferritin and native ferritin.