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Synonyms for liothyronine

thyroid hormone similar to thyroxine but with one less iodine atom per molecule and produced in smaller quantity

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In his response, Salazar insisted he had never criticised Goucher's weight and that Goucher's own endocrinologist had directed him to give her Cytomel.
Salazar claims he provided Cytomel to Goucher on one occasion, after her endocrinologist ordered it to counteract side effects from cortisone shots.
Until the backlog is resolved, people who prefer the combination of pig hormones may talk to their doctors about taking prescription Cytomel (synthetic "1"3) plus Synthroid (synthetic T4).
Unfortunately, patients flock to practitioners offering experimental treatments based on preliminary studies: Cytomel, magnesium injections, dehydroepiandrosterone, long courses of systemic antifungals or antibiotics, "natural" hormones, and Provigil.
* Combination therapy: a synthetic [T.sub.3] drug (brand name Cytomel) plus one of the [T.sub.4] drugs;
Liothyronine (Cytomel) produces fluctuating levels of T3, has a shorter elimination half-life than T4, and often requires twice-daily dosing.
The unique features of the Wilson protocol that distinguish it from conventional T3 therapy ate that it uses a sustained release form of T3, as opposed to Cytomel, and it is cyclic in its administration, with the dose and cycle-length adjusted according to patient symptomatic response.
Newly introduced treatments for depression include the use of "booster drugs" that help the primary antidepressant drug work more effectively, including Cytomel (a thyroid stimulator), lithium and Ritalin.
$1.02 * (Cytomel) liotrix 120 mg/day $0.71 * (Thyrolar) thyroid, 120-180 $0.09 * desiccated mg/day (120 mg) Drug Comment [+] levothyroxine Synthetic [T.sub.4].