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the most abundant and stable cytochrome

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Keywords: Mitochondrial cytochrome-b, cytochrome-c, d-loop, Phylogenetic, Pakistani nilgai.
In this context, present research was planned for genomic characterization by sequencing of mitochondrial cytochrome-b, cytochrome-c and d-loop regions of Pakistani nilgai (Boselaphus tragocamelus).
Primer Designing: Reference sequences of complete mitochondrial genome including cytochrome-b, cytochrome-c and d loop regions for Boselaphus tragocamelus (Accession No.NC_020614) was retrieved from NCBI (
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Hansikova et al., "High-resolution melting analysis of 15 genes in 60 patients with cytochrome-c oxidase deficiency," Journal of Human Genetics, vol.
Inhibition of ATPases and cytochrome-c activity sometimes may also be due to impaired glycolytic and Krebs cycle enzymes and like situations which as already cited in Table 1 and 2.
While runners receiving cytochrome-C excelled at the test, runners that received the chemical that blocked BDNF performed only as well as the sedentary mice did.