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goddess of love and beauty and daughter of Zeus in ancient mythology


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Iam Cytherea choros ducit: Already Cytherean Venus leads choruses, dancing under the rising moon.
In Tannhauser the Goddess Venus fulfils the same function as Circe,(33) while Isolde acquires Cytherean sea-foam (Tristan, Act III).
The Cytherean imprint upon the latter may thus be referenced to Neoplatonic astrology, in which Venus and Fish conjoin at the locus of the concupiscentia.
There was a Golden Race and a Brazen and, before that, a Silver; but now Cytherean Aphrodite belongs to all three, and honours the goiden man, has loved the brazen man, and never turns her back on the silver.
When you find that feminine contact has no longer the richness of Omakitsu's verses, Know then, o man, that the Cytherean has turned from you, fugges