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goddess of love and beauty and daughter of Zeus in ancient mythology


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Ishak SA, Ismail N, Noor MAM and H Ahmad Some physical and chemical properties of ambarella (Spondias cytherea Sonn.
1) Moreover, the sequence of the woodcuts, especially those which depict narrative scenes, when viewed isolated from the text reveal a progression, signifying Poliphilus's initiatory process in the mysteries of love: from the dark forest to abandoned ruins to the realm of Queen Eleuterylida (Free Will), a pleasant space inhabited by maidens, to the realm of Queen Telosia (Aim), strongly marked by religious rituals (parade, god offerings, wedding and sacrifice, cemetery), to the circular island of Cytherea, where the couple's ultimate union takes place symbolically through the epiphany of Venus.
Exorata meis // illum Cytherea Camenis attulit in nostrum // deposuitque sinum.
Epistula I Tandem venit amor, qualem texisse pudori quam nudasse alicui sit mihi fama magis, exorata meis illum Cytherea Camenis adtulit in nostrum deposuitque sinum.
Fourier's philosophy is compared to "Watteau's Embarkation for Cytherea, a dream world with a serious political imagination behind it" (543).
Bates, 1865) 632 Adelpha boeotia oberthurii 1 2 b d (Boisduval, 1870) 633 Adelpha bredowii bredowii 1 2 d Geyer, 1837 634 Adelpha bredowii eulalia (Doubleday, [1848]) 635 Adelpha cocala lorzae 1 2 b (Boisduval, 1870) 636 Adelpha cytherea marcia 1 2 b d Fruhstorfer, 1913 637 Adelpha delinita utina A.
She will later, with more obviousness, betray her royal stature by showing a seamless ability to cite Ovid in talking with Florizel, comparing herself to Proserpina, violets to Juno and Cytherea, and primroses to Phoebus as she moves through her bouquet of emotional indexes (4.
fusca), and Tridacnidae (Tridacna maxima) have a low coral association such as Acropora cytherea, A.
Roedd Venus yn llochesu tu ol i goeden myrtwydd ar ynys Cytherea pan fu i'r Satyrs - duwiau'r goedwig - aflonyddu arni pan oedd yn ymolchi yn yr afon.
Bernard becomes the narrator's lover and sexual initiator; Ibiza, a place of seduction and erotic pleasure, turns into Cytherea, the island of love.
Cytherea was the daughter of Zeus and was goddess of love and beauty.
The "sottil mano" responsible for the decoration of this temple belongs to Mulciber, or Vulcan, Mars's unwitting cuckold: "E tal ricetto edificato avea / Mulcifero sottil con la sua arte, / prima che 'l sol gli avesse Citerea / mostrata co' suoi raggi esser con Marte" ["And subtle Mulciber had built that retreat with his skill before the sun had shown him by his rays that Cytherea was with Mars"] (7.
Thomas Hardy's first published novel, the anonymously printed Desperate Remedies (1871), was modeled on the popular sensation fiction of Collins and Dickens and, in addition to scenarios of blackmail and murder, included a bedroom scene depicting the ardent kissing by an older woman, Lady Aldclyffe, of a young maiden, Cytherea Graye, that signaled one of the era's most candid depictions of lesbian eros.
For instance, Carter's "Ode to Wisdom" is constructed around Greek imagery and alludes to Pallas, Cytherea, Plato, and Illisus.