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the branch of physics that studies the phenomena that occur at very low temperatures

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The most difficult thing about a successful, iconic franchise like 'Alien' is that its subsequent films must contain a series of tropes that identifies it as part of the series (for example, the crew in cyrogenic pods, that damn drinking bird toy, the landing on an unknown rock, the facehugger implantation, among many others).
Baxter says Cyrogenic Carbon Capture is cheaper and more effective than many other C02 capture technologies being developed.
While still requiring cyrogenic cooling to operate the superconducting magnets at the heart of the system, design changes in the insulation and magnets themselves have reduced the weight, size and installation requirements of these systems.
They cover the fundamentals, friction and wear in structural ceramics, bioceramics and biocomposites, nanoceramics, lightweight composites and cermets, ceramics in a cyrogenic environment, and the water-lubricated wear of ceramics.
Starfrost developed the Starlite HT as a cost effective alternative to cyrogenic tunnel freezers that are blighted by ever escalating consumable nitrogen prices.
After disconnecting all cyrogenic and diagnostic services from the superconducting ring, it was twice lifted to the center of a large 16-foot diameter ultra-high vacuum chamber where it maintained a strong dipole magnetic field for over four hours of scientific experiments.