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an alphabet derived from the Greek alphabet and used for writing Slavic languages (Russian, Bulgarian, Serbian, Ukrainian, and some other Slavic languages)

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Although Slavic librarians should be aware of these differences, a simple way to avoid mistakes in transliteration is to search Esterum's e-catalog using Cyrillic characters. Four of the six vendors (EV, Est, MIPP, NK) support searches in Cyrillic characters.
How do you get Cyrillic characters into a web form?
Author Richard Sylvester has collected these songs, translated the lyrics from the original Russian, transliterated the Cyrillic characters into letters of the Latin alphabet, and provided fascinating historical background for each.
Its detailed picture of a different yet familiar world is enticing and absorbing--and marred by surprisingly few howlers (Greek is not written in Cyrillic characters, nor are lambs roasted on Easter Saturday).
In addition it includes a range of TrueType fonts that allow the user to type in Eastern European and Cyrillic characters.
Along with the neat three-ring binder package that includes 3.5" and 5.25" diskettes, the CD-ROM and a useful and well-written set of user documentation also comes a package of "keytops" that you can use to place the Cyrillic characters and punctuation symbols on the keys of your keyboard.
Many Bulgarians read only Cyrillic characters, creating yet another communication challenge.
Izvestia's chief Washington foreign editor carried pasted-up page proofs to Moscow, where the copy was reproduced, line for line, in Cyrillic characters on a third-generation Linotype 6 system.
Play back Asian or Cyrillic characters or non-standard symbols and images.
So they realize they'll need to have a navigation system that uses Cyrillic characters.
Each package contains Cyrillic keypad stickers to map Cyrillic characters to standard computer keyboard characters.
Our Russian customers now can research names using Cyrillic characters and display the results in their native language, this is unmatched in the industry" added Mr.