Cupressus sempervirens

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tall Eurasian cypress with thin grey bark and ascending branches

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The winners from each race took part in a final which saw Laurence Doughty of Cyprus Tree Services crowned the winner.
The study included three new chronologies from bald cyprus trees found in South Central Texas, and used data from West Texas Douglas firs and Central Texas oaks.
But it's too late to worry about things like that as the forests of Cyprus trees give way to the signs for Carina-Douane.
The views from our villa's balcony were of the quintessential Tuscan countryside - rolling hills interrupted by clumps of funereal-like cyprus trees and vineyards groaning with their heavy red grapes.
Its mountains reach to around 1,000 metres, with deep ravines, fertile plains and steeply terraced olive groves interspersed with pine and tall, dark green cyprus trees. Exploring on foot, by car, or by sea each has its own attractions.
The boys could make use of the site's own tennis court, play on swings or kick a football around open grass areas, while we parents could read or simply sit and reflect in one of the many tranquil spots amongst the Cyprus trees. In the evenings, everyone was able to find their own location from which to admire the long, glorious sunsets over Tuscany.
Father-of-two David Lillie, 50, was ordered by councillors to trim his row of Leyland Cyprus trees on the edge of his home in Beal Bank, Warkworth.
Mr Hood planted individual redwood, eucalyptus and Monterey Cyprus trees near the museum to remind people of their wondrous park.
It also has formal landscaping, with two Cyprus trees that frame the spa and some pear trees--all of which have been planted.