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Synonyms for Cypriot

a native or inhabitant of Cyprus

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of or relating to Cyprus or its people or culture

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The analyst said a growing pro-EU drive among Turkish Cypriots coupled with strong Turkish Cypriot candidates will push a higher number of people to the polls.
The Turkish Cypriots, Greek Cypriots, Turkey, Greece and the European Union -- we can all enjoy the economic benefits of a solution.
Rather than the name, the important thing for us is that the settlement secures the political equality of the Turkish Cypriots and their effective participation in decision-taking mechanisms, as well as their welfare and security.
If the trend continues, it is expected that Greek Cypriots crossings will surpass last year's 1.01 million, during the summer months.
Turkish Cypriots who live in Greek Cypriot properties in the north, or who migrated overseas before 1974, are ineligible to make claims on their lands in the south.
Ultimately, Turkey and its client the Turkish Cypriots will lose patience with the Greek Cypriot method of negotiation, and north Cyprus will become a province of the Republic of Turkey.
Following Eide's statements, local media in Greek Cyprus reported that the 155,000 hectares of land that were taken from Greek Cypriots during the 1974 Turkish military intervention will be returned to the original Greek Cypriot owners.
The government's stated objective is to make voting as easy as possible for Turkish Cypriots. "With no bureaucratic procedures or special effort other than their good will, Turkish Cypriots will be able to exercise their right," note the authorities.
For the Turkish Cypriots in the north, a comprehensive settlement is the only realistic way to get their full rights as EU citizens and save themselves from dependence on Turkey.
Under the 1960 constitution, the same applies to the Vakf, or Evkaf, the Muslim institution that regulates religious activity for Turkish Cypriots and which operates only in the area administered by Turkish Cypriots.
The Cypriots were returning from the monastery to Sharm el-Sheik, the Red Sea resort where they had been staying.
From that day on, not only will people be able to see each other and the "other half of their homeland", which is an important thing for questioning the status quo, but also both the Turkish and the Greek Cypriots will be able to question the official history/narrative on both sides.
Greek Cypriots control the only internationally recognized government; in November 1983 Turkish Cypriot "President" Rauf Denktash declared independence and the formation of a "Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus," which is recognized only by Turkey; both sides publicly support a settlement based on a federation (Greek Cypriot position) or confederation (Turkish Cypriot position)
Without any warning, this forbidding obstacle was thrown open by the Turkish Cypriot authorities, and it was announced that any Cypriots could travel freely on the island as long as they were back at the frontier by midnight.
Greek and Turkish Cypriots have had a poor record in managing their political differences.