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Synonyms for Cypriote

a native or inhabitant of Cyprus

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of or relating to Cyprus or its people or culture

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We could therefore plausibly appeal once again to the hypothetical Cypriote visitor to Ionia, considered in Section 5, as having mentioned this to Homer as the sort of text that could be written in an ancient heroic script and subsequently read.
Daszewski, 'Marble Sculptures in Nea Paphos, Cypriote or Imported?
Two months later the greatly outnumbered defenders of the Cypriote capital of Nicosia capitulated on terms, which the Turks promptly broke, killing thousands of Christians-- both soldiers and civilians--and selling most of the women into slavery.
Many of the studies are quite specialized: on slavery or on the Jews in Venetian Cyprus; on the loyalties of the Cypriote population; on the lasting contributions of the Genoese to the island's character and culture; on the effects of blights and famines.
Later this year, they will also get a peek at some of the 2,000 Cypriote antiquities Ringling purchased from the Metropolitan Museum and decorative pieces from the Gavet-Vanderbilt-Belmont collection he snapped up in 1928.
The linguist also learns about other languages, as in the case of the ancient Greek mercenaries who scribbled their names, in the Cypriote dialect and syllabary, on an Egyptian sphinx, or the Greek "tourist" from Pamphylia who carved his name on the great pyramid at Giza.
In his recent book,(1) the well-known Cypriote scholar K.
1989) using Mossbauer spectroscopy concluded that black coloration in early Cypriote and Nubian C-group black-topped potteries, coloration that seemed to have been achieved by the firing process as is the case for the Indian potteries studied in our work, "is due to [Fe.
As a museum curator and archaeologist, I worked with Cypriote antiquities for 30 years in Sweden.
The topics include the houses of death and birth, some Cypriote pottery recovered from the Shechem excavations, travel between Cyprus and Cyrenaica in Graeco-Roman times, a Nabataean capital from the Salamis gymnasium, the legality of the consular excavations in Ottoman Cyprus, and the care of monuments in Cyprus.
Angelina Eichhorst, and the German, British, Czech, Danish, Cypriote, and Hungarian Ambassadors as well as other Lebanese and foreign officials.
Cypriote Baghdatis beat Marcel Granollers 4-6 6-1 7-5 6-2 last night.
also notes Frankel's (1975: 38) suggestion (regarding Early Cypriote vessels from Vounous, Cyprus) that we understand such markings as reflecting an attempt to differentiate between vessels made by different potters, but tired in the same kiln.