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type genus of the family Cypraeidae: the typical cowries

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However, the results of the construction of the test character are numerous and combine the higher character levels of the Cypraea genus to the gastropod class from providing consistent taxonomic results, preferably using the stages of development of juvenile shells to post adult.
Gray, 1825) Littorinimorpha Luria lurida (Linnaeus, 1758) Littorinimorpha Cypraea tigris (Linnaeus, 1758) Littorinimorpha Ficus gracilis (G.
Geographic variation of shell morphology in Cypraea annulus (Gastropoda: Cypraeidae).
A new species of cowry (Mollusca: Cypraeidae: Cypraea, subgenus Nesiocypraea) from southern Mojambique.
A specimen of Cypraea pantherina in a grave of Augusta Emerita during High Roman Empire
charcoal Ua Huka Manihina Dune, 980-1260 Cypraea shell basal stratum Nuku Hiva Anaho, below 1042-1264 unid.
Other striking reef snails such as the cowrie snails (Cypraea) are also collected by people living around the reefs, mainly for sale in vast numbers to tourists, often far from their origins.
X X X X Caliptraea (Trochita) trochiformis X X X X Cypraea LINNAEUS Cypaea sp.
The cowrie shell (Cypraea moneta), a famous and widespread example, was used in China 3,500 years ago and more recently in New Guinea, Africa, the Maldive Islands, many Pacific islands, and in various parts of the Middle East.
Several authors (Kitching and Lockwood 1974, Alcolado 1976, Hamilton 1980, Wellington and Kuris 1983, O'Loughlin and Aldrich 1987, Foin 1989) have suggested that local differences in shell morphology of Strombus gigas, Cypraea ssp., Melongena corona, Lepsiella spp., Calliostoma zizyphinum, and Purpura spp.