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The opposition felt strongly that the cheap Chocolate name should not be given to an ambitious project that was being launched to create a totally different image from that of the existing Cyon. The logic behind the argument was that if the price was set in the mid-US$500 range, the name must also have a premium image.
The marketing manager of Mobile Communication Business Division confessed that the marketing people in charge of marketing Chocolate Phone had many concerns regarding adoption of the nickname Chocolate, because it was the first of the Cyon black label series to be adopted from the fashion industry's black label concept.
In Europe, LGE concentrated promotion efforts on Chocolate Phone and the Cyon black label series, a strategy consistent with the European market that traditionally values design.
The ideas of "Cyon prosumers" were reflected in the Chocolate Phone development process.
To be eligible for the CyOn Arrival PackageCO, customers should have a salary of AED 9,000 or more.
In this light, his concerns about "counterfeit wares" (R, 22) and alien cyons betray a specifically gendered, culturally pervasive anxiety: that no principle of transmission can be fully secure if feminine fidelity is not maintained.
Approximately 40% of couples who describe themselves as not Cyon the same page' financially say that advisors have helped them negotiate money issues that might otherwise have caused tension."
"The banks claim to have incurred costs for canceling and reissuing payment cards (including cards that had not incurred fraud charges), changing or closing accounts, notifying customers, investigating potentially fraudulent activity, and increasing fraud monitoring Cyon potentially impacted accounts,'" the attorneys argued in a memorandum to the court.
March, of Cyon Park Close, St Mellons, who denied wounding with intent and dangerous driving but pleaded guilty to driving while banned, was told: Your part in this matter was almost as serious as the part played by your co-defendant.
"MAX provides our customers with debit cards Cyon the spot' when they open their checking accounts with us, allowing them to select their debit card design of choice and walk out with their card in hand.
The Charollais breed champion produced by Tim Pritchard of Llantrisant, Rhondda Cyon Taf, took top price at the NSA Wales and Border Ram Sale, held at the Royal Welsh Showground in Builth Wells, Powys.