Cynoscion regalis

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food and game fish of North American coastal waters with a mouth from which hooks easily tear out

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In order to compare differences in diet between habitat types along the transect and maintain a statistically viable sample size for each species, three dominant sciaenids captured during 2006 were selected; Bairdiella chrysoura, Cynoscion regalis, and Micropogonias undulatus (Vasslides 2007).
Fish, mysids, and decapod shrimp formed a majority of the diet of Cynoscion regalis, with a substantial amount of variability between habitats (Table 3).
Cynoscion regalis consumed similar quantities of fish landward of the ridge top, with a substantial reduction in fish consumption seaward of the ridge.
Food habits of the weakfish, Cynoscion regalis, in North Carolina waters.
Seasonal cycles in the sonic muscles of the weakfish, Cynoscion regalis.
Seasonal and daily cycles in sound production associated with spawning in the weakfish, Cynoscion regalis.
Delimiting spawning areas of weakfish Cynoscion regalis (Family Sciaenidae) in Pamlico Sound, North Carolina using passive hydroacoustic surveys.
Reproduction of weakfish, Cynoscion regalis, in the New York Bight and evidence for geographically specific life history characteristics.
09) 55 (-) Anchoa hepsetus (*) -- -- Pomatorzres saltatrix (*) -- -- Peprilus triacanthus (*) -- -- Urophycis regia [dagger] -- -- Sterzotomus chrysops (*) -- -- Cynoscion regalis [dagger] -- -- Prionotus evolans [dagger] -- -- Menticirrhus saxatilis [dagger] -- -- Centropristis striatus [dagger] -- -- Paralichtzys oblongus [dagger] -- -- Urophycis chuss [daggaer] -- -- Hippocampus erectus [dagger] -- -- Merluccius bilinearis [dagger] -- -- Citharichthys arctifrons [dagger] -- -- Assemblage Near-ridge Species CPUE Size Syngnathus ficscus [dagger] 0.
Cynoscion regalis, Menticirrhus americanus, Table 2).
X Rhomboplites aurorubens X Sparidae Lagodon rhomboides Lrho X Sciaenidae Bairdiella chrysura X Cynoscion nothus X Cynoscion regalis X Larimus fasciatus X Leiostomus xanthurus Lxan X Menticirrhus americanus Mame X Micropogonias undulatus Mund X Pogonias cromis X Sciaenops ocellatus X Pomacentridae Abudefduf sp.