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Synonyms for Cynips

type genus of the Cynipidae: gall wasps

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Cynips quercusvirens Ashmead, 1881 (female and gall).
Cynips quercussuccinipes Ashmead, 1881 (female and gall), syn.
Ashmead (1887) did not mention his previously described Cynips quercusvirens.
Weld (1921) synonymized Cynips quercusficigera to Disholcaspis virens.
Types of Cynips virens Ashmead and Cynips quercussuccinipes Ashmead, deposited at the USNM, were examined.
Mots cles: galles de cynips, rosiers aciculaires, carabes, araignees terricoles, Fort Severn
Some of the scenarios involving parasitic wasps suggest a Biblical genealogy ("Euryptoma beset Mesopolobus, which beset Toryus, which beset Syntomaspis, which beset Cynips, which started the trouble by besetting the gall of Cynipidae").