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Anglo-Saxon poet (circa 9th century)


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He also distinguishes between the bravery and glory-seeking of a single fighter without responsibility, which would more clearly parallel the circumstances of Shippey's allies, Cynewulf and Waldere, and the excess of a leader seeking glory without regard to his responsibilities: "Yet [Beowulf] does not rid himself of his chivalry, the excess persists, even when he is an old king upon whom all the hopes of a people rest" ("Homecoming" 21).
Davis-Secord acknowledges the probability that Beowulf and the works of Cynewulf were composed well before they were copied into their surviving manuscripts, but he nevertheless believes that important light on the use of compounds in these works can be shed by reconstructing how later audiences might have responded to them.
Cynewulf's techniques from the Christ 2 unfold the conversion narrative around Apian.
(15) In Cynewulfs Elene, the narrator compares his poetic activity to weaving, as "word-craeftum waef [he weaved with word craft] his poetic composition (Elene, l.
In the Dream of the Rood, Cynewulf praises the Christ(pbuh) as a Saviour of all human beings:
His doctoral thesis is here: 155 typed, double-spaced pages titled The Anglo-Saxon Remains of Apocryphal Acts of the Apostles, a readable study limning the influence of the likes of Pseudo-Matthew and the Apocalypse of Paul on the like of Bede and Cynewulf. The notebooks contain his thoughts in a hasty but legible hand--small, imperfect, angular, flecked with bits of Greek, Latin, Old English--for lectures or for writing projects, notes on Kipling, Dante, Greek drama, Buddhism, Shakespeare.
Frantzen, "Drama and Dialogue in Old English Poetry: The Scene of Cynewulf's Juliana." Theatre Survey 48, no.
Cynewulf's "Elene," composed between the mid eighth century and mid tenth century according to Robert E.
The opening essays set the volume firmly in the context of English studies, and this emphasis is continued in the third essay by Andy Orchard, who uses computer-generated concordances to reveal significant and conscious intertextual borrowings between Cynewulf' Elene and the Old English Judith, which undermine the relevance of oral-formulaic theory.
(76.) First proposed in Max Rieger, "fiber Cynewulf," ZfdP 1 (1869): 330-339.
In "Hopkins and Cynewulf: 'The Wreck of the Deutschland,' 'The Windhover,' 'The Blessed Virgin compared to the Air we Breathe,' and the Christ" (VP 43, no.
Earlier this year Britain witnessed its first crucifixion in almost two millennia, when a man named Cynewulf was nailed to the cross.
Particularly noteworthy choices are Cynewulf's Anglo Saxon "Ascension" for Ascension Day, William Langland's "The Vision of Holy Church" for Proper 17, Emily Dickinson's "Unto Me?" and "The Blunder is to Estimate" for the Third Sunday of Easter, D.
"Cynewulf's Autonomous Women: A Reconsideration of Elene and Juliana." New Readings on Women in Old English Literature.