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Key words:cardoon; Cynara cardunculus; electromagnetic field; palmitic acid; seed.
In vitro antioxidant activities of edible artichoke (Cynara scolymus L.) and effect on biomarkers of antioxidants in rats.
Etude de l'extraction des composes phenoliques de differentes parties de la fleur d'artichaut Cynara scolymus L..
Morphology and SSR fingerprinting of newly developed Cynara cardunculus genotypes exploitable as ornamentals.
9: Artichoke (Cynara cardunculus L.), A: Leaf rosette stage, B: Flower stage (Photos: Bernd Honermeier)
Opposition spokeswoman Cynara Lilly said she was pleased that Oregonians "had again decisively said ...
Cynara Coomer, chief of Breast Surgery at SIUH and director of The Comprehensive Breast Center.
"rosa"; Cynara scolymus "alcachofa" y Bouganvillea spectabilis "buganvilia".