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Synonyms for Wales



Synonyms for Wales

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Cymru am byth literally means "Wales forever" and is a slogan that is synonymous with national pride.
Tesco spokesman Rhodri Evans added: "We have a variety of T-shirts on sale bearing the words Cymru am byth, so that people can show their pride in Wales in the run-up to St David's Day and the Six Nations, and are disappointed that a spelling mistake has occurred on one of those products, despite the processes we have in place to prevent such errors.
He said that while his son was Zimbabwe-born and spent most of his life living in England, he considered himself a Welshman and had a tattoo 'Cymru am byth', meaning 'Wales forever'.
"Cymru am byth!" >> Vine learns Welsh: Page 19 >> Somaliland plea: Page 22 >> Carolyn Hitt: Pages 24&25
And newly-qualified pilot and TV presenter Voderman said simply: "Cymru am Byth."
The regiment, based in the Wellington Barracks in London, has the motto Cymru Am Byth, Wales Forever.
Cymru am byth! Benjamin Morgans Smith Whatever your view, he's going to be the Wales manager now so for better or worse just back him.
A police spokesman added: "Cymru am Byth - but we expect the Welsh to speak English when they visit East Anglia.
Cymru am Byth!" | Swn Festival runs from Wednesday, October 17 to Saturday, October 20.
The Edge, whose family were in the Cardiff crowd, received a rapturous applause simply by saying "Cymru Am Byth", before the band launched into I What I'm Looking For while the adoring masses sang along.
Dyma fydd pwnc rhaglen ola'r gyfres ddogfen, Cymru am Byth, a ddarlledir nos Wener am 9.30pm.
Mark Clayden Cymru am byth all English, Scotish, Irish and anyone else from any part of the world.
Some people need sorting out CYMRU AM BYTH hilaRy hUghEs: Stupid.
The one-and-a-half-minute internet clip, titled Cymru am Byth or Wales Forever, shows a mystery group of young men setting light to a Cross of St George and celebrating as it is destroyed.
Cymru am byth. Ann Ferla Well done, nice to see some people do care, and there for the grace of god go I.