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the part of the foot of a vertebrate between the metatarsus and the leg

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Was this Cleopatra sailing down the river Cydnus with Anthony in 41 BC?
In celebrating, we make a statement through a pattern of representations (acts of playing) without a causative or even a logical relation to the statement itself." (5) When "the city cast[s] / Her people out" to gaze upon their queen as she floats down the Cydnus River, it is Cleopatra's effortless effects that all admire (2.2.223-24).
Voces podem ate mesmo, eu penso, esperar ouvir um elogio de vossa terra e das montanhas que contem e de Cydnus, como o maior de todos os rios e o mais bonito, assim como aqueles que bebem suas aguas sao 'fluentes e abencoados', para usar as palavras de Homero.
It was the infinite variety of vocal coloration--from girlish animation and epic longing to jolts of pain and regal power--that gave substance (or perhaps credibility) to the soaring, hyperbolic language the play often uses to characterize Cleopatra, most memorably in Enobarbus's tribute to her meeting with Antony on the River Cydnus. I was less taken with the way Packer physicalized the role (partly because I have an admittedly superficial preference for the grim elegance of Helen Mirren, or the sharper determination of Judi Dench, or the polished power of, frankly, Nancy Pelosi).