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(Greek mythology) one of a race of giants having a single eye in the middle of their forehead

minute free-swimming freshwater copepod having a large median eye and pear-shaped body and long antennae used in swimming

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The symptoms of Cyclops syndrome may include anterior knee pain, loss of complete extension or hyperextension, pain during walking or running, an audible clunk near full extension, painful cracking, locking of the knee, stiffness and residual laxity.
We describe here an inverted cyclops lesion in an 18-year-old female 2 years following hamstring autograft ACL reconstruction without a block to knee extension.
Susan Wright and Shahz Ahmed with the Cyclops, which effectively allows surgeons to look around corners during keyhole surgery
The classic clinical presentation of cyclops syndrome consists of postoperative loss of full extension after ACL reconstruction and the presence of an audible click upon terminal extension.
The Cyclops is the first handset to gain from an agreement between Virgin Mobile and music company Warner Music Group (NYSE:WMG), enabling subscribers to access Virgin Mobile's music-based TXT Tones.
The Cyclops episode, situated almost halfway through the first act, evolves in two scenes.
The Cyclops DL-1000 Data Logging System combines Land's own software with a Pocket PC on which readings can be stored and then transferred to a partnership PC as a .
Cyclops believes that the number of vehicles carrying laser or radar detector devices is now more than half a million and that the ban will herald a massive switch to legal devices that perform the same function in a different way.
The umpire blamed Cyclops, Centre Court's electronic radar system.
This is according to analysis by Cyclops which makes an in-car speed camera alert system.
5 per cent, according to data released by the makers of GPS-based driver alert system, Cyclops.
1%more units since August 2002,and Scotland where,according to Cyclops, the number of speed cameras rose by 11.
Cyclops headlamps feature adjustable output and LED technology that boost efficiency.
WITH the number of safety cameras expected to treble in the next few years, Peugeot has added the latest Cyclops GPS Driver Safety System to its approved accessory list.