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Apollo then took illdirected revenge on the Cyclopes, who manufactured Zeus' thunderbolts, by killing them.
The creators of Smith Houses were not Cyclopes but public officials.
The modest projector does resemble the Cyclopes in one respect, however.
This name-calling would surely have amused the mountain-sized Cyclopes and perhaps even roused a laugh.
Here the "quam et ipsam" refers to Virgil's use of the word "polita" in his magnificent description of the Cyclopes forging iron into thunderbolts in Aeneid, 8.
And even though the big, climactic battle sequence won't give Peter Jackson (or, for that matter, Mel Gibson) anything to worry about in the visceral CG department, there is something pretty cool about seeing talking animals of all kinds duking it out with Cyclopes, Minotaurs, centaurs and dozens of other mythological critters.
This abandonment of shame, however, results not in the hero's ascent beyond the human, but his descent into the sub-human monstrosity of the Cyclopes.
Whereas in Homer's version of the story, the lush physical environment--a divine gift to the islanders who knew nothing about harvesting the earth--underscores the gap between the civilized Greeks and the brutish Cyclopes, the "greyness" of the landscape in Walcott's play alludes metaphorically to the political situation on the island.
Yet, however gruesome, his impediments were imaginary--angry gods, cyclopes, sirens, Scylla and Charybdis.
The ruined landscape of Archaic and Classical Greece was not peopled by ancestors, but by other races and other powerful presences (it was the Cyclopes, after all, who were thought responsible for building the wails of Tiryns), whose remains required a degree of respect that sometimes manifested itself in cult.
The land of the insolent, lawless Cyclopes did we reach.
Mayor begins well by exposing, in her Introduction, a `factoid' which has crept into popularizing histories of science: that the 5th-century philosopher Empedocles found fossilized elephant skulls in his native Sicily and interpreted them as bones of the mythical Cyclopes.
NASDAQ:OZON) Cyclopes Textile Systems, a wholly owned subsidiary of Cyclopes, Monday announced the first sale of its newly designed Vacuum Soil Counting System to Mission Linen Supply of Santa Barbara, Calif.
LAS VEGAS -- Dungeon keepers, Cyclopes and golf pros headlined Las Vegas today as Microsoft(R) PC Games unveiled its 2002-2003 games portfolio at the Microsoft PC Games International Games Festival.